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Head docs B-team1Come to Head Doc’s home to see his collection of B actors and filmmakers. Lots of
interesting characters reside here.

RoguesThis is a gallery of pictures featuring cast and crew.And some stuffthat we just plain like,
much of which deals with other horror hosts and their shows.

Audio Files    PODCASTS and INTERVIEWS – Check out our podcasts and interviews via yer ear holes!


Silver Screams  CAPTIONED IMAGES – Check out the whacky captions we’ve come up with
for some still images from yer favorite B movies. Chuckles guaranteed!

Tarr-O-vision-1This is a gallery of stuff Dr. Tarr has created.  Some of it appears in other places on the site.
Some of it is unique to this gallery. Have fun inside the warped mind of DR. TARR!!

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