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February 13, 2017 
Well…we’re working on the next episode.
Really. Working hard. It should be out 
very soon. Really. In the meantime, you
should watching the following:

And it’s definitely a bit…different. But we 
think you’ll be pleasantly amused by it.
And coming in at just over half an hour,
you’ll be able to get your dose of “Therapy”
quickly this time around. Check it out on
the Current Episode page. 

Some new stuff down below, too…

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Garden of the Bizarre

Who are the inmates??

Conqueror Worm

The Feed Button

Tales of Terror Poster

Dr Tarr's fevered brain at work again

Dr Tarr’s fevered brain at work again

Fether's Picks

Nap time for Pogo

Crazy Ray is at it again!

Crazy Ray is at it again!

Tarr and Fether and Janet Decay-Monsterfestmania 2016

Hanging with Cleveland Horror Hostess Supreme Janet Decay of THE MUMMY AND THE MONKEY SHOW. What a nice mummy!

A Dream

Visit our Edgar Allan Poe Pages

Tarr and Fether’s Psycho Cinema is run by Eric Burres (Professor Fether) and Shawn Kennedy (Dr. Tarr). They are movie hosts, or horror hosts, or psychotronic hosts, this site reflecting their interest and love of the b-movie sub-genre, Edgar Allan Poe, and art in all its forms.

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