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Thompson 2WILLIAM C. THOMPSON was born on March 30, 1889. He started his career in the film industry when he was around 24 years old. He became a major B movie shooter early on, culminating in his work for Ed Wood, Jr. in the 1950s including such B movie classics as PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE,  JAIL BAIT,  BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (see Tarr and Fether’s serialized version of this movie), and GLEN OR GLENDA. He even did the infamous exploitation movie and cult favorite MANIAC! Check out the list of his movies below to see what we mean. We salute a true craftsman of the B movie industry!

 Here’s a list of Thompson’s movies as cinematographer —

 1960 The Sinister Urge 
 1960 Too Soon to Love
 1959 Night of the Ghouls
 1959 Plan 9 from Outer Space
 1959 Mustang!
 1957 Final Curtain
 1957 Gun Girls
 1957 Journey to Freedom
 1957 The Astounding She-Monster
 1956 The Violent Years
 1955 Dementia
 1955 Bride of the Monster
 1954 Girl Gang
 1954 The Golden Mistress
 1954 The Lawless Rider
 1954 Jail Bait
 1953 A Night in Hollywood
 1953 Peek a Boo
 1953 The A-B-C’s of Love
 1953 Project Moon Base
 1953 Glen or Glenda
 1952 Scorching Fury
 1952 Orange Blossoms for Violet
 1952 ‘B’ Girl Rhapsody
1949 Arctic Fury
1949 Trouble at Melody Mesa
1949 The Devil’s Sleep
1945 The White Gorill
1936 Lucky Fugitives
1936 Tugboat Princess
1934 High School Girl
1934 The Brand of Hate
1934 Maniac
1934 A Demon for Trouble
1934 Tomorrow’s Children
1934 Arizona Nights
1933 Girl Trouble
1933 Found Alive
1932 No Greater Love
1932 Riders of the Golden Gulch
1931 Pueblo Terror
1931 Trails of the Golden West
1930 South of Sonora
1930 La jaula de los leones
1928 Sonia
1925 Pals
1920 The Woman Untamed
1919 As the Sun Went Down
1918 In Judgment of…
1918 The Demon
1918 The Treasure of the Sea
1918 The Claim
1918 Revenge
1917 The Curse of Eve
1916 The Fall of a Nation
1915 Destiny: Or, The Soul of a Woman
1915 Sealed Valley
1915 Garden of Lies
1915 Wormwood
1914 Shore Acres
1914 Evangeline
1914 Absinthe

On the set with Ed Wood and Tor

On the set with Ed Wood and Tor

 If you wish to know more, head over to IMDB.COM to delve into
 the movies of William C. Thompson…King of the B Cinematographers.


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