Prof. Fether – Part 2


(Partial Transcript, Dr. Ochs Session – Journal #34)

[Dr.’s note: PF seems very active today. Manic phase? He seems anxious to talk.]

I grew up on the edge of the Everglades in southern Florida. I guess I spent the first fourteen years there, raised by Brother Josiah Grim and Sister Mary Grim, a pair of crazies who practiced a warped version of the Christian religion. We lived in relative seclusion, only venturing out into public when we had to, which was never more than five-six times a year that I can remember. That is, when they’d let me go with them. I was usually locked in the shed for the time they were gone. Heh. It was hot as Hell in that shed. It wasn’t so bad when they’d leave me some water and maybe some bread. Heh. Bread and water. Most times, though, they’d leave me with nothing. Said The Sin upon my head was a shining beacon, and they didn’t want anyone to see me for fear that the beacon might strike into them and cause them to become evil and Satan’s Servants on Earth.

[Dr.’s note: Body language exhibits extreme agitation and stress]

Here’s the thing. Here’s the thing I have to tell you today. This is the thing you’ve been looking for all this time, am I right? Yeah, I’m right. Here’s the thing. I have to tell you. You should know in order for us to reach the next plateau in your education. Here it is. You have probably already guessed it. I know I haven’t told it to you before. I would have remembered if I had told it to you. Here’s the thing………… I was the couple’s son. The Grims. Brother and Sister Grim. Born in sin, the ever present evidence of that sin, the rope of guilt wrapped around my neck. I endured the situation for fourteen years. I wasn’t stupid either. I knew early on that the course I had to follow in order to survive involved getting an education. I figured out that this education had to have book learning. I figured out that the only way I was going to learn how to read was by convincing the Grim siblings I had to learn to read so I could study the bible in order to see how best to help in my punishment for existing — which I was reminded of every day of my life, one way or another. I think I was only five when I suggested this. It wasn’t really a stroke of keen intelligence, though. It was the act of observation that revealed this to me. I saw that the only time the Grim siblings showed any form of happiness was when they read from the bible to each other. Yeah, early memories. I could recite long passages from that book by the time I was six. Extension. Hey, you look at it this way, it all sort of connects, don’t it? Yeah, I’m being sarcastic. I figured this stuff out a long time ago…

[Dr.’s note: PF suddenly gets very lathargic. He slouches in his chair and pretends to sleep. I try to rouse him but to no avail. I finally left the room. Nurse Feratu took over.]


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